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Archive:Tags available for files

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Template Function
 %N Track Number
 %S Disc Number (this comes from TPOS ID3 tag)
 %A Artist
 %B Album
 %T Title (Song, Movie, or Episode)
 %Z TV Show Title
 %G Genre
 %Y Year (for video this in order: First Aired date, Premiered date, or simple Year)
 %F Filename
 %L Label (which is not always directly derived from the Filename)
 %D Duration
 %I Size
 %J File Date
 %Q File Time
 %R Rating
 %C Program Count (I think this only used by playlists to show their natural order)
 %K Title? (I'm not sure about this one. I need to do some research on when and why its used to get a better idea of how it may be different than %T.)
 %M Episode Count (used at the season listing I believe)
 %E Episode as a number
 %P Episode Production Code
 %H Episode in 01x01 format
 %O MPAA Rating
 %U Movie Studio