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Stop hand.png There are two userdata folders, the system one contains default settings necessary for Kodi to operate, and the userdata folder for user modifications. Do not touch the files in the first system-userdata folder. Most references on the wiki are about editing the second, user-accessible, userdata folder. This page is for reference only!!

The system data folder is where files needed to operate are stored. This includes the executable files, system data files and default addons/settings.
In most/all cases - it is recommended that system files remain as is and User profile Userdata files are modified instead.

1 Location of the system userdata folder

Note: In older versions of the software (before v14) the kodi directories were named xbmc.

Operative system File path
Android (see note) TBC
Linux /usr/share/kodi/
Mac OS X Bundled within the Kodi application. Typically in /Applications/
Windows Start - type %programfiles%\kodi\ - press <Enter>

2 system data folder contents

Below are the elements contained in the system data folder and their role:

  • addons - Contains runtime and configuration data for addons installed by default
  • language - Contains translations for each language supported by kodi
  • media
  • sounds
  • system
  • userdata