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(really) rough notes

Here are some really rough notes that have been semi-randomly written down as I think of them:

  • When possible try to use {{mininav}} (see link for details) to manually create virtual breadcrumbs to help link to related "parent" pages. This is not required for all pages, and some will not really fit in that kind of structure. When a page has a link to a parent page in the mininav then be sure that the "child" page is linked on that parent page.

  • Use {{note}}, other warning templates, large text, and bold formatting sparingly. If every word on the page is large, bright, and bold, then eventually nothing actually stands out.

  • Some links between pages should be in bold text when they are specifically important to that text, like the "upload link" in the next bullet point. However, don't link passive topics that are only semi related. In other words, only make things bold when they need to stand out, like links that contain important information directly related to what is being discussed. In addiiton to the {{main}}, {{see also}}, and {{see}} templates.
For example: the casual mention of "copyleft" in the next bullet point. The word "copyleft" was a link just in case someone didn't know what that meant, but a more important link, like the one that allows someone to upload, was bolded.

  • When using generic images, like an icon to represent a topic, try to use an image from or another copyleft image before uploading a copyrighted image. Obviously, images of Kodi screen shots are exempt from this, and you can just upload those. To use an image from Wikimedia Commons you don't have to upload the image on the Kodi wiki. You only need to use the same file name and the image will appear. The Commons bridge is currently broken. Just reupload what you need and link back to it in the image description to show you got it from Wikimedia Commons.

  • Use the {{future}} templates (see link for details) for information about an upcoming version of Kodi. Normally, at least until the Beta cycle, information on the wiki should be written for the current version, with the various future templates used to note upcoming changes.

  • Use the {{Updated}} template (see link for details) to note if a page has been updated for a specific version. The page doesn't have to be totally complete for a given topic, but rather, it is used to make sure that no outdated information is left on the page.

  • When in doubt about how to format something, abuse bullet points.

  • These are just guidelines. Unless we've specifically asked you to do something a certain way, then we're probably open to you trying new things and new formatting methods. If you think it improves the wiki then feel free to try it out.