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Streamzap PC Remote

Streamzap PC Remote.jpg
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Streamzap PC Remote is a PC remote and USB Receiver.

  • USB 2.0 infrared receiver (cable length: 1.9 meters / 6.2 feet)
  • 35 buttons.
  • 40 foot operating range (line of sight)
  • 4 configurable macro buttons
  • Uses 2 standard AAA batteries



  • Good cable length on USB Receiver
  • Good battery life (been 2 years now).
  • Light and fits nicely in hand
  • Well constructed (been stepped on, thrown, yet survives)
  • Available for order worldwide


  • USB does not provide enough power to wake up the computer.
  • Black, makes it hard to find when misplaced.
  • Lacks Guide, Info, Title and few other buttons.
  • Play/Pause/Stop and other buttons do not provide tactile feedback, I occasionally hit Stop instead of Pause.