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Speedlink SL-6399


Cheap and cheerful remote. It simulates the MS Media Center keypresses and will work out of the box on Windows, Linux and probably OSX.

Apparently there are different usb receivers that come with the remote.

ID 1241:1503 Belkin Keyboard       // all keys seem to work
ID 1241:e000 Belkin                // keys Start, RTV, Videos, Music, Pictures, MyTV don't work

There are several extra buttons not on the standard MS remote. If you want to add mappings for these keys here are the entries you need in keyboard.xml.

<t mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, TV power, 3)</t>          <!-- TV power -->
<menu>Notification(Key, More, 3)</menu>                   <!-- More -->
<z mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, Aspect, 3)</z>      <!-- Aspect -->
<e mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Red/Videos, 3)</e>        <!-- Red/Videos -->
<m mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Green/Music, 3)</m>       <!-- Green/Music -->
<i mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Yellow/Pictures, 3)</i>   <!-- Yellow/Pictures -->
<t mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, Blue/MyTV, 3)</t>   <!-- Blue/MyTV -->
<g mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Guide, 3)</g>             <!-- Guide -->
<o mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, RTV, 3)</o>               <!-- RTV -->
<f1>Notification(Key, Help, 3)</f1>                       <!-- Help -->
<return mod="alt">Notification(Key, Maximise, 3)</return> <!-- Maximise/restore -->
<a mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Radio, 3)</a>             <!-- Radio -->
<m mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, DVD, 3)</m>         <!-- DVD -->
<a mod="ctrl,shift">Notification(Key, Audio, 3)</a>       <!-- Audio -->
<u mod="ctrl">Notification(Key, Title, 3)</u>             <!-- Title -->