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UPnP can be used for limited sharing of media files between two Kodi devices.

UPnP cannot share library functions and is a file only sharing protocol. If you are looking for full library functionality, UPnP is not the method to use.

For a more complex method of sharing using MySQL see MySQL

  1. For Kodi device A (the "server") go to:
    • Settings → Service Settings → UPnP/DLNA
  2. Enable the UPnP server (Share my libraries)

  3. For Kodi device B (the "client") you will need to (1) enable UPnP support in Settings → Service Settings → UPnP/DLNA and then (2) add device A as a media source: VideosFilesAdd Videos...Browse(scroll down to) UPnP Devices

  4. A shows up there. Open the share and then hit OK.
  5. Give the new video source from A a name.
  6. You should now be able to see everything as it is set up on A on B.

For a detailed description how to add UPnP sources, please visit: UPnP Media Source

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