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Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
ReplayTV support still works as of XBMC v10.1, but since ReplayTVs stopped being made in 2005 you should expect support and testing to be very limited.

ReplayTV is a stand-alone PVR/DVR (Personal Video Recorder/Digital Video Recorder) box for the American market and is sold online at As a rival to the famous TiVo, the ReplayTV PVR/DVR box records TV (and schedule recoding) to its built-in hard drive and stores it there. Via the network-port built-in to the ReplayTV box it can share the stored video to a local-network. XBMC has a DVArchive-client which can auto-detect, browse and stream/play such shares.

For auto-discovery (default in XBMC) use the following Types of Media Sources#Videos Specific Sources|Media Source in the video section:


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