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Philips 5100 4in1 Vista MCE Remote

Philips5100-4in1 landscape.jpg

Philips have produced a family of remotes in this range designed for different sales regions each with different features. This one has the ability to control 4 devices (PC, TV, Sat, Amp) and can be programmed using the manufacturer codes database supplied. It also has the ability to learn functions from other remotes to replace any of its buttons, making it very versatile once customised to your home cinema setup. However, the keys are not backlit. The supplied infra-red usb receiver only works with Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

Note: Also works with the Official Microsoft MCE receiver as it sends the same signals (RC-6), meaning it can be used on Windows XP via this receiver.

Discontinued - (Can be found on ebay UK)