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Myo Remote for Kodi
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Website Myo Market

Myo Remote for Kodi is an iOS remote control that works with the Myo armband. The Myo armband a device you wear on your forearm that reads your muscles to detect different gestures. When used with the Myo Remote for Kodi, this lets you control Kodi wirelessly from your couch without fumbling for a remote.


  • Control Kodi wirelessly with a wave of your hand using the Myo Gesture Control Armband
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Connect to any platform on your Network that Kodi runs on
  • Supports Kodi Authentication
  • Built-in tutorial
  • Send text to Kodi by using your iOS device as a WiFi Keyboard
  • The gestures make the Kodi experience fun and natural
  • Easy Configuration