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Mediagate GP-IR02BK


Compatible with the Microsoft remote, and the .reg files used to reconfigure the MS remote will also work with the Mediagate. The remote is currently available on Amazon UK and US.

There are some additional buttons not on the official MS remote. These can be configured using the following in the .reg file:

  27,00,00,00,04,03,04,\ ; Zoom     - sends ctrl-shift-A
  47,00,00,00,04,01,10,\ ; Music    - sends ctrl-M
  49,00,00,00,04,01,0C,\ ; Pictures - sends ctrl-I
  4A,00,00,00,04,01,08,\ ; Movies   - sends ctrl-E
  50,00,00,00,04,01,04,\ ; Radio    - sends ctrl-A
  5a,00,00,00,04,03,09   ; Teletext - sends ctrl-shift-F