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Frequently Asked Questions for upgrading to Kodi v17 (codename Krypton) from a previous version. Includes how to enable some of the new features, where some controls got moved to, etc.

1 What is Kodi? What is Krypton?

Kodi is the new name for XBMC media center. "Krypton" something will be the codename for version 17, just as "Jarvis" was the codename for Kodi v16 and "Isengard was the codename for Kodi v15". You will often see "v17" and "Krypton" used interchangeably in the community.

2 Changelog

See: Archive:Kodi v17 (Krypton) changelog. Skinners should also read the respective sticky posts in the Skin Development Forum for full changelog on changes to the skinning engine.

3 What are some of the noticeable new features?

In addition to many "under the hood" improvements, some of the visible additions to v17 will include:
  • ?

4 New system requirements

4.1 Android 5

Kodi v17 now requires that Android devices run Android 5.0 or later.
If you autoupdate using Google Play, Google won't update unless Android 5 or higher is installed.

4.2 Specific system requirement example goes here

5 Upgrading

Stop hand.png Always backup your settings before upgrading, just incase!

5.1 How do I upgrade from v16 to v17?

  • ANDROID USERS: Don't uninstall an earlier version of Kodi/XBMC before installing the new version. Uninstalling first would remove all of your settings. Just install the new version and it will replace the older version and retain your settings.
  • In most cases you can just install Kodi v17 over Kodi v16. All your settings and library are saved and will continue to work in the new version. See Installing for specific install instructions.
  • Most basic (video, audio, etc) add-ons that worked in Kodi v16 should still work in v17.
  • If you have any issues (settings not being copied over, blank screens, etc) when updating from versions older than v14: remove the new version, install the older version of Kodi/XBMC from , and then upgrade to the next version. In other words, if you have v14, first install v15 and run Kodi, Quit Kodi and then install v16 and run Kodi. Quit Kodi again and install v17, then run Kodi.

5.2 MySQL

As long as your MySQL server is set up to allow XBMC/Kodi to make new databases for the upgrade itself (see MySQL/Upgrading) then you don't need to do anything for upgrading a MySQL set up for Kodi. Even if you use "XBMC" in your advancedsettings.xml file, you can leave this the same and everything will still work.

6 Where did this or that go?

6.1 advancedsettings.xml changes

  • <useddsfanart> - removed in v17 Krypton.
  • <cachemembuffersize> and <readbufferfactor> - In v17 <cachemembuffersize> is renamed to <memorysize> and <readbufferfactor> is renamed to <readfactor>. In addition, all three buffer related settings in <network> are moved out of <network> and into a new <cache> parent tag.
  • <minvideocachelevel>, <minaudiocachelevel>, and <cacheindvdplayer> have been removed in v17.
  • <useffmpegvda> - Tag was only used for development testing. Removed in v17.

6.2 Settings

Kodi's settings have gone under a major revamp. The location of new settings will be detailed on the Settings page in the near future.

6.3 CodecInfo playback information

The codecinfo window/overlay normally contains information about the currently playing media, such as video and audio codecs, frame skips, decoding method, etc. Starting in Kodi v17 most of this information has been moved to a new window called PlayerProcessInfo.

Default keymaps will be adjusted to use this new window (i.e., the "o" key will automatically use the new window). Custom keymaps should change CodecInfo to PlayerProcessInfo

6.4 Add-on manager

This might change in the final Kodi v17 release

On the default skin, the add-on manager used to be located in the main settings window. Now only settings related to add-ons are shown there, under Settings -> System -> Add-ons .
The add-on manager itself is now located under Home -> Add-ons -> Icon of an arrow pointing to a box.

6.5 Disable joystick input

The setting to disable joystick/gamepad input has been removed. To disable joystick input you only need to disable the new joystick add-on in Add-on manager -> My add-ons -> Peripheral libraries -> Joystick support -> Disable

6.6 Enable live TV

The live TV features of Kodi no longer require a specific setting to be enabled or disabled. Instead, this is now triggered based on whether or not there is at least one PVR add-on that has been enabled and correctly configured.

6.7 Setting that moved

6.8 Feature that moved

6.9 Where can I get more help?

The Kodi support forums:, and/or the #kodi IRC chat channel on

6.10 EXAMPLE PLATFORM: Example issue 1

7 Notes