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Kimote, a remote app for Kodi
Kimote logo.png
Developer Team 8
OS Android 4.1 and newer / iOS 6 and newer
Website [1]

Kimote is a remote application for Kodi, available for Android and iOS that lets you control your media center and retrieve your movies, TV shows, music and files. Kimote is developed by 8 students from ENSEIRB-MATMECA, a French engineering school for a semester project. It is only available on Github for the moment : [2]

Download Kimote

For Android, last release is available here : For both iOS and Android, Kimote is available to test on the Ionic View app with App ID 0E5A555F


  • Auto detection of devices connected to the same network (only on Android)
  • Control your media center with the remote
  • See what is playing on the remote view, with buttons adapted to the playing media
  • View your movies, TV shows and music libraries
  • Stream your media directly to your app
  • Works with Kodi Isengard and newer

Source code

Kimote's source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to check it out.