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Sets of language strings for Kodi v15 and later are now provided in the form of add-ons. Kodi still comes with International English by default, but does not include other languages until they are selected and downloaded. If you are doing an off-line installation of Kodi and won't have an internet connection when you change the language preferences then you will need to download the language add-on ahead of time.


1 Download language add-on

First you will need to download your language in the form of a "zipped" add-on. See the links on the right for the correct add-on download. Click the link that matches the version of Kodi that you use, and then download the newest zip file in that directory.

2 Save the zip file somewhere

Do not unzip the file you downloaded in the last step. Place it somewhere that you can access it for your offline installation, like on a USB flash drive or SD card.

3 Install add-on from zip

Use the following example to install your language add-on via zip. If you placed the zip file on a USB flash drive or other removable media, then that drive should show up as an option to select from for Step 2. If the location of the zip file is on a network share or doesn't show up, you might need to add that folder to the file manager first, and then go back to the install-by-zip instructions.

Install from zip file allows you to install add-ons or repositories which may not be available in the Kodi add-on repository. To install a add-on or repository from a zip file you will need to enable Unknown Source from Settings/System/Add-ons. This can be done at the time of installation.

Note: By enabling Unknown Sources, Add-ons will be given access to your personal data stored on your device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device.

To access the Add-on browser see: How to access the Add-on browser or How to access the Add-on manager

4 Select your language add-on in Kodi's settings

Go to Settings → Interface → Regional → Language and you should then see new language options based on what language add-ons you installed by zip.

Name v15 v16
Afrikaans resource.language.af_za 9.0.16 Team Kodi
Albanian resource.language.sq_al 9.0.11 Team Kodi
Amharic resource.language.am_et 9.0.12 Team Kodi
Arabic resource.language.ar_sa 9.0.13 Team Kodi
Armenian resource.language.hy_am 9.0.8 Team Kodi
Azerbaijani resource.language.az_az 9.0.7 Team Kodi
Basque resource.language.eu_es 9.0.20 Team Kodi
Belarusian resource.language.be_by 9.0.20 Team Kodi
Bosnian resource.language.bs_ba 9.0.9 Team Kodi
Bulgarian resource.language.bg_bg 9.0.34 Team Kodi
Burmese resource.language.my_mm 9.0.10 Team Kodi
Catalan resource.language.ca_es 9.0.16 Team Kodi
Chinese (Simple) resource.language.zh_cn 9.0.27 Team Kodi
Chinese (Traditional) resource.language.zh_tw 9.0.33 Team Kodi
Croatian resource.language.hr_hr 9.0.21 Team Kodi
Czech resource.language.cs_cz 9.0.34 Team Kodi
Danish resource.language.da_dk 9.0.32 Team Kodi
Dutch resource.language.nl_nl 9.0.30 Team Kodi
English (Australia) resource.language.en_au 9.0.11 Team Kodi
English (New Zealand) resource.language.en_nz 9.0.14 Team Kodi
English (US) resource.language.en_us 9.0.23 Team Kodi
Esperanto resource.language.eo 9.0.9 Team Kodi
Estonian resource.language.et_ee 9.0.23 Team Kodi
Faroese resource.language.fo_fo 9.0.10 Team Kodi
Finnish resource.language.fi_fi 9.0.36 Team Kodi
French resource.language.fr_fr 9.0.39 Team Kodi
French (Canada) resource.language.fr_ca 9.0.29 Team Kodi
Galician resource.language.gl_es 9.0.20 Team Kodi
German resource.language.de_de 9.0.36 Team Kodi
Greek resource.language.el_gr 9.0.23 Team Kodi
Hebrew resource.language.he_il 9.0.19 Team Kodi
Hindi (Devanagiri) resource.language.hi_in 9.0.7 Team Kodi
Hungarian resource.language.hu_hu 9.0.29 Team Kodi
Icelandic resource.language.is_is 9.0.22 Team Kodi
Indonesian resource.language.id_id 9.0.15 Team Kodi
Italian resource.language.it_it 9.0.29 Team Kodi
Japanese resource.language.ja_jp 9.0.22 Team Kodi
Korean resource.language.ko_kr 9.0.23 Team Kodi
Latvian resource.language.lv_lv 9.0.19 Team Kodi
Lithuanian resource.language.lt_lt 9.0.31 Team Kodi
Macedonian resource.language.mk_mk 9.0.13 Team Kodi
Malay resource.language.ms_my 9.0.18 Team Kodi
Malayalam resource.language.ml_in 9.0.3 Team Kodi
Maltese resource.language.mt_mt 9.0.11 Team Kodi
Maori resource.language.mi 9.0.10 Team Kodi
Mongolian (Mongolia) resource.language.mn_mn 9.0.8 Team Kodi
Norwegian resource.language.nb_no 9.0.18 Team Kodi
Ossetic resource.language.os_os 1.0.4 Team Kodi
Persian resource.language.fa_af 9.0.9 Team Kodi
Persian (Iran) resource.language.fa_ir 9.0.15 Team Kodi
Polish resource.language.pl_pl 9.0.23 Team Kodi
Portuguese resource.language.pt_pt 9.0.18 Team Kodi
Portuguese (Brazil) resource.language.pt_br 9.0.37 Team Kodi
Romanian resource.language.ro_ro 9.0.21 Team Kodi
Russian resource.language.ru_ru 9.0.28 Team Kodi
Serbian [email protected] 9.0.12 Team Kodi
Serbian (Cyrillic) resource.language.sr_rs 9.0.19 Team Kodi
Silesian resource.language.szl 9.0.13 Team Kodi
Sinhala resource.language.si_lk 9.0.8 Team Kodi
Slovak resource.language.sk_sk 9.0.30 Team Kodi
Slovenian resource.language.sl_si 9.0.16 Team Kodi
Spanish resource.language.es_es 9.0.34 Team Kodi
Spanish (Argentina) resource.language.es_ar 9.0.12 Team Kodi
Spanish (Mexico) resource.language.es_mx 9.0.20 Team Kodi
Swedish resource.language.sv_se 9.0.34 Team Kodi
Tajik resource.language.tg_tj 9.0.10 Team Kodi
Tamil (India) resource.language.ta_in 9.0.13 Team Kodi
Telugu resource.language.te_in 9.0.4 Team Kodi
Thai resource.language.th_th 9.0.14 Team Kodi
Turkish resource.language.tr_tr 9.0.25 Team Kodi
Ukrainian resource.language.uk_ua 9.0.17 Team Kodi
Uzbek resource.language.uz_uz 9.0.8 Team Kodi
Vietnamese resource.language.vi_vn 9.0.16 Team Kodi
Welsh resource.language.cy_gb 9.0.15 Team Kodi