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1 Python

1.1 New Methods

  • xbmc.Monitor.onCleanStarted
  • xbmc.Monitor.onCleanFinished
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDPMSActivated
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDPMSDeactivated
  • xbmc.Monitor.abortRequested
  • xbmc.Monitor.waitForAbort
  • xbmcgui.ListItem.setSubtitles

1.2 Deprecated Methods

  • xbmc.abortRequested, use Monitor.waitForAbort
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDatabaseScanStarted, renamed onScanStarted
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDatabaseUpdated, renamed onScanFinished

2 Builtins

2.1 New

UpdateLibrary(database[,path, showdialogs]) New parameter showdialogs. Whether to show progress bar and other dialogs. Defaults to true.


2.2 Changed

Using RunScript to call service addons, plugins and other non-script addons is deprecated. Add xbmc.python.script or xbmc.python.library extension point if addon should be runnable via RunScript.

3 Changes to python path

All installed module addons are no longer added to the python path, only those imported in Addon.xml. If you use RunScript with a file path and depend on other installed module addons this behavior is deprecated. Add xbmc.python.script or xbmc.python.library extension point and call RunScript with the addon ID instead.


4.1 Changed Methods

  • ?

4.2 New Methods

  • ?

5 Window IDs

See Window IDs

6 Changes to the skinning engine