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The HTSP protocol was a way for older versions of Kodi/XBMC to access Tvheadend before PVR/live TV features were officially added to Kodi/XBMC. Now that PVR/live TV has been supported since v12.0 (January 29th, 2013), and replaced the need for HTSP support, the HTSP protocol has finally been retired. Please see our PVR guide for details on how to set up the Tvheadend PVR add-on.

Tvheadend is part of the HTS (Home Theater System) project hosted at

It functions primarily as a TV streaming backend for HTS's own Showtime Mediaplayer but can be used standalone for other purposes, such as a Digital Video Recorder.

1 tvheadend

You can access tvheadend's WebGUI (Web User-Interface) by accessing http://ipaddress:9981 and setup your DVB TV-adapter and probe channels. Once all is set, go to XBMC, and Add source "htsp://ipaddress:9982". If tvheadend's WebGUI found any channels, you should now be able to access those and enjoy Live TV function in XBMC.

You can use the webui to schedule recordings, at the moment, you cannot record from within XBMC itself :/

1.1 Support

1.2 tvheadend in XBMC

This type of media source will contact to a HTS Tvheadend backend and allows you to watch Live TV.

  <name>HTS Tvheadend</name>

If you have authentication enabled on your tvheadend backend (which is the default if, say, you've installed it using a .deb package) then you can specify the authentication credentials in the source as follows

  <name>HTS Tvheadend</name>
  <path>htsp://username:[email protected]:9982</path>

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