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HP Pavilion HDX Remote


This is a newer version of the HP remote. An important difference from the older HP remotes is that it has a unified Play/Pause button instead of separate Play and Pause buttons. Like the older remotes it uses the Microsoft eHome drive so the buttons can be configured by modifying the registry. The Play/Pause button is number 6E. To configure this to send a VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE multimedia keypress use:


There is also a version of this newer HP remote with red / green / yellow / blue buttons as the top row of four. On that (and I assume the one pictured) the button numbers for the replay button (top-middle) and the TV button (top-right) are 80 and 39 respectively. Hope that helps

If using this one or the newer HP remote such as:

  • RC2234302/01B
  • 3139 228 54651
  • HP PN: 464961-001
  • HP SPS: 465541-001

in combination with OVU400102/71 HP usb IR receiver on a Ubuntu system, then the Play/Pause button will need a special code 0x00007b91 in the /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb

Note that the HP IR USB receiver OVU400102/71 uses a Fintek chipset. There have been various problems reported with using this device on XP. In some cases, it is recognized as an eHome device, but then does not send keys as an HID device, (however it worked with the EventGhost MCE Remote plugin). In other cases, it was not recognized as a Microsoft eHome device (a patch from HP may be required), but as a FinTek eHome device (after getting the (hacked) Fintek driver). The FinTek driver does not work on some XP configurations (cause unknown).

HP IR Receiver TSGI-IR01 apparantly has several implementations. The TopSeed (vendor id 1784 Product 0006) implementation does NOT support USB3. Plug into a USB2 port, otherwise, you will get 'random' data whenever a keys is pressed, or worse (hangs, etc.). Note that on some systems even the USB2 port will not work. This may be due to newer chipsets or firmware (z97, ASRock).