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Author: Hitcher

Type: Skin
Zip file:

Summary: Simple skin for beginners
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1 Details

Foundation is a very simple but fully functional skin designed to be used as either a base for creating new skins or as a learning tool for anyone interested in what makes a skin work.

It comes with both 720p & 1080i coded XML's and also includes a screen shot folder of every window/dialog XBMC uses to make things even easier.

To get the most out of it you'll need to either make a new keymap.xml or add this to your existing one -

            <F8>Notification(Testing 123,Hello world)</F8>

2 Keys

The following keys will then activate the corresponding action -

F5 - Reload skin (used to see any changes instantly without restarting XBMC)
F6 - Show/Hide the Debug Grid (used for checking alignment, positioning, or sizing)
F7 - Show/Hide the Debug Info (used to display the currently active windows or dialogs)
F8 - Activated the KaiDialogToast.xml (used to display the notification dialog)

3 Discussion

Attention talk.png See the Foundation - Basic skin for beginners for help and issue report.

4 Credits

Wir3d for the original 'Empty' skin upon which this is based and Jezz_X for the use of Confluence's textures.