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Ember Media Manager
OS Windows
Website Ember sub-forum

Ember Media Manager is the all in one media manager for the popular XBMC. An open source media manager for Windows.

Attention talk.png See the Ember Media Manager Release Thread on the Kodi forums for more information.

This EmberWiki is outdated! Link to current Ember-WIKI:


  • Main page with lists your whole movie collection and Tv Shows
  • Many additional tools like export of library to HTML site for presentation in internet
  • Ember uses popular MediaInfo to retrieve metadata for your media

And much more


Youtube tutorial


How to create your own HTML Export Template

First we take a look to an existing template in Ember Manager. Let’s take a look at „template“ in Ember:

template structure1

Each template in Ember consists of static and dynamic HTML. In the above picture all dynamic sections of the template are marked red. As you see we have GENRE, PLOT, TITLE, PATH and YEAR information of the movie as dynamic parts.

Now let’s take a look on the HTML file by opening the „English_(en_US).html“ file of the template. You can find this file under „../LANGS/html/template“ This HTML File is the basic file which is parsed during the Ember HTML Build process. Basically it’s simple HTML code mixed with javascript and maybe CSS style elements - for people who already have some experience in building homepages and internet sites this is nothing new. However there are some special rules which apply to the Ember template file. Now let’s open the template file with a text editor. As you see it starts with some CSS style definitions followed by some javascript functions. For now let’s move to the HTML section which produces the layout of the page:

template structure2

Now the interesting part is the declaration of ONE MOVIE section (using the <$MOVIE> tag). Following rules apply:

  • Inside this tag you will define the layout of the movie information/presentation.
  • Inside MOVIE section you can use valid Ember variables like $YEAR, §MOVIENAME, $FILENAME, $PLOT and $GENRES.... Each of this variable will be replaced with the specific information from Ember database.
  • The MOVIE section will be repeated for every single movie during the Ember HTML Build process. Because of that the variable $COUNT is important as it is used to distinguish between movies in the template, i.e. if you have a colleciton of 43 movies, COUNT will range from 1 to 43

Maybe it’s easier to understand if you take a look at the HTML code created by Ember after exporting the HTML Template:

template structure3

As you can see the variables have been replaced with the specific Ember database information. Also you see that the MOVIE section is generated for each movie of your collection. Fort he first movie you see that number „1“ was inserted for COUNT , fort he second movie it’s „2“. This information is used in the „onclick“ event of the movie information to call a function and sending an ID (COUNT, like „1“, „2“) to the function at the same time.

This is it! You now have the basic knowledge to create some HTML Movie Templates of your own. Below is a list of valid EMBER variables you can use in the MOVIE section to query and output specific movie information:

<$SET> 'All sets which movie belongs to, seperated with ";"
<$NOW> 'Save Build Date. might be useful info!
<$VIDEOMULTIVIEW> 3D Support if > 1 -> 3D Movie
<$MOVIESETS> 'A long string of all moviesets, seperated with ";"


Here are some of the most asked questions

How can I install Ember?


Downloadlink for Ember is noted in first post of release thread in Ember sub forum of XBMC.

I’ve installed Ember but now I got error on start and I don't see anything!


Net 3.5 Framework installation is required beforehand! You can download it for free from offical Microsft Support site - a quick google search will help!

Whenever I scrape many german movies using ODfb scraper I end up with many english plots, descriptions. Whats going on?


Ofdb blocks too many requests coming from on IP in short time (around 80). Just wait a little bit and try again later.

EMBER - does not scrape movies! Why?


On 1.3.0.x you must use the same scraper for movies and images otherwise it could create issues. IMDB or TMDB do work fine alone but not cascaded. For that you need 1.4 [msavazzi]

I get the following error: The type initializer for 'EmberAPI.Master' threw an exception.


Ember (as it stands today) is a "portable application" in other words you have to save it somewhere that is not a protected path (like c:\, program files, etc...) and the user should have all the right on the Ember root folder and underlying ones [msavazzi] Solution: Move Ember Directory to a folder outside your program files path or give your local user more privileges to Ember folder (see picture)

Ember Privileges

See also