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Various miscellaneous topics related to displays, TVs, monitors, etc.

1 3D

Starting in v13, Kodi supports a number of passive 3D video formats such as SBS, TAB, anaglyph or interlaced. This support extends to the Kodi GUI including subtitles and on-screen-controls.

2 Display settings

See: Settings/System#Video output

3 Aspect ratio

The history of the aspect ratios:

4 Video levels and color space

See: Video levels and color space


5.1 HDMI pin 19 trick

Having issues with Kodi messing up audio or video when the TV/AVR is turned on or off, or when you switch video sources? Try the HDMI pin 19 trick, which disables detection of HDMI changes.

5.2 CEC

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) allows for control of devices over the HDMI port.

All modern televisions and AV-receivers support HDMI-CEC, which is a technology that allows devices to talk with each other over the HDMI cable. Kodi comes with libCEC (CEC abstraction and interface library from Pulse-Eight) which allows control of the Kodi input over the standard TV remote that comes with your TV. As buttons are pressed the remote command is sent via the HDMI cable to your Kodi device.

Using this feature a Kodi compatible CEC controller/adapter will send and receive remote key presses to and from your television and AV-receiver via libCEC.

5.3 Pages with HDMI in the title

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