The Dharma Guide: Introduction

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Don’t worry; this is going to be short: This guide was created after a lot of people complained that "getting into" XBMC was kind of difficult for them. Thus I decided to create this guide to help them – so I do not have to explain it over and over again. This guide includes instructions for a fully automatic PVR without actually owning a TV-Card. Also – it heavily relies on some stuff that may be illegal in your country. Check your local copyright-laws whether they apply, if they do – go ahead and decide for yourself if you want to continue. I take no responsibility.

At this point I also want to thank the community around the XBMC and the projects which rose in the near context. Thanks go out to:

  • Team XBMC – For creating the XBMC in all its glory
  • Team sabNZBd+ - For creating a good UseNet-download-application
  • Ruudburger – Creator of CouchPotato
  • Midgetspy – Creator of Sickbeard
  • Angelscry – Creator of the "Advanced Launcher” Add-On

They put a lot of work into this and deserve to be appreciated. Take that into account and consider donating something, because all of the mentioned projects are completely community-driven open- source projects and they do not take a cent for the supplied software.

Special Note:
In order to make XBMC what it is today, the communities around and are also needed. You always can add information there, so go ahead and help out.