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Note: The ADSP#.db is NOT in use

Further information on the status of ADSP can be found here...

1 ADSP#.db

The ADSP#.db database file contains the information for Audio Digital Signal Processing add-ons. The current stable release of Kodi is using the following version of the database:

Kodi v17 - ADSP0.db

Warning: The databases are critical components of Kodi. We strongly urge that you do not interfere with them, unless you have knowledge and experience with database designs.

1.1 addons

Details relating to the sound processing add-on

Column Name Data Type Description
idAddon integer Primary Key
sName varchar(64)
sUid varchar(32)

1.2 modes

Column Name Data Type Description
idMode integer Primary Key
iType integer
iPosition integer
iStreamTypeFlags integer
iBaseType integer
blsEnabled bool
sOwnIconPath varchar(255)
sOverrideIconPath varchar(255)
iModeName integer
iModeSetupName integer
iModeHelp integer
iModeDescription integer
sAddonMOdeName varchar(64)
iAddonId integer
IAddonModeNumber integer
bHasSettings bool

1.3 settings

Column Name Data Type Description
id integer Primary Key
strPath varchar(255)
strFileName varchar(255)
MasterStreamTypeSel integer
MasterStreamType integer
MasterBaseType integer
MasterModeId integer

1.4 version

Database details

Column Name Data Type Description
idVersion integer Database version
iCompressCount integer

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