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Whilst Kodi is playing media on screen you can activate the codecinfo overlay o key on a keyboard. This normally appears as white text on a black background bar located near the top of the screen (dependent on the skin being used). The codecinfo overlay displays a number of real time variables describing detailed information on the codecs currently in use.

Note: The codecinfo screen is not entirely accurate for some of the reported data, due to the fact that the codecinfo screen itself will reduce performance on low powered devices (i.e., Raspberry Pi, some Android/ARM boxes).

Current stable builds

Video codecinfo window as seen in stable Kodi v14.x and newer builds.

Information is split into 7 lines of text:

  • Audio information - Demuxer
  • Audio information - Player
  • Video information - Demuxer
  • Video information - Player
  • General playback information C
  • Windowing and System CPU information
  • Sync to screen information


Samples from the screen(s) above:

Audio information Breakdown
aac Audio codec
mp4a / 0x6134706D Codec ID - Format profile [1]
48000 Hz Sampling rate
5.1 Audio channels
s16 Sample size (s16 = signed 16-bit value)
fltp float, planar
437 kb/s Average audio bitrate (reported by demuxer)
aq:99% Audio queue saturation
Kb/s:437.41 Current audio bitrate (reported by player)
att:0.0db Attenuation / gain added by player
Video information Breakdown
h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661) Video codec
yuv420p Color space / Chroma subsampling
1920x1080 Resolution
SAR 1:1 DAR 16x9 Source Aspect Ratio - Display Aspect Ratio
9282 kb/s Average audio bitrate (reported by demuxer)
fr:24.000 Source framerate
vq:88% Video queue saturation
dc:ff-h264-dxva2 Video library performing decode
Mb/s:7.79 Current video bitrate (reported by player)
drop:12 Number of dropped frames
skip:13 Number of skipped frames
pc:1 Pullup correction pattern length
General playback information Breakdown
ad:0.000 Audio delay (configured)
a/v:0.030 Audio/video sync difference (real time)
edl:- Edit decision list
dcpu: 0% Relative CPU Usage of the player thread
acpu: 0% Relative CPU usage of the audio decode thread
vcpu: 0% Relative CPU Usage of the video decode thread
cache:0 B 100% Size of cached data and % of cache utilized
Windowing information Breakdown
CPU 4 core(s) System processor information (this display is OS-dependent)
average: 4.7% Average CPU load across all cores
Sync to screen information Breakdown
refresh Actual refresh-rate being displayed
missed Number of missed frames
speed Audio speed correction to sync
sync Video speed to enable sync
avg Avg amount of correction
error Percentage of errors syncing


Further information/discussion