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Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
The information regarding using Kodi on Apple TV devices is dependent on which version of the hardware you have; only the first two generations of the hardware (released in 2007 & 2010) were ever supported by Kodi. Support for both versions of the device was dropped in 2015 concurrent with Apple's decision to cease supporting the first generation hardware, beginning with Kodi version 14, codenamed "Helix," though support remains for other iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Below are links to the main page and FAQs for both devices/operating systems pertaining to running that version of the software.

Image Name
Apple TV 1-front.jpg Apple TV 1 (2007, silver, ATV OS)
Apple TV 2nd Generation.jpg Apple TV 2 (2010, black, iOS)