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AIM RC6 Media Center Remote Control

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AIM, Ahead In Multimeadia is a registered trademark of Formosa21 Inc. This is a Microsoft Windows Media Center compatible remote control labeled (RC6) for Windows 7 32bit and 64bit as well. Model Number: RC118 other compatible models made by the same company are RC125 and RC126, which use the same hardware but with different button layout. The receiver Model number: IR605A

RC6 remotes is the best you can buy specially after Microsoft's own remote was discontinued; there are so many cheap/clone remotes but spending a few more bucks should leave you satisfied.

This RC6 remote like any other RC6 Microsoft Certified remote will work with any Windows platforum that was released after Windows XP. It's certified for Windows 7 32bit or 64bit. I can not confirm that it works with Linux, but in Maplin's Questions section someone confirmed that it works with Linux and it's detected as an lirc_mceusb2 device.

This Remote is fully comaptible with Microsofts eHome default Driver "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" no additional drivers required, it will be automatically detected and installed by Windows. It has a dedicated website that has all the required setup files available, the .reg file on site should work with any compatible RC6 MCE remote. by using the latest config.reg file all the buttons work in XBMC.

All buttons are capable of sending IR WM_APPCOMMANDS or Keystrokes, fully configurable.