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Author: BigNoid, Unfledged


License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Script to provide Watchlist function for reFocus 1.x.x
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Script to provide Watchlist of movies and episodes within the library view. Developed for reFocus 1.x.x.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Watchlist
  5. Install


This script will return:

  • a list containing the first unwatched episode of TV Shows you are watching.
  • a list of movies that are partially watched.
  • a list of most played albums

The episode list is sorted by watch date of the previous episode: if you've watched 'South Park' yesterday and 'House' the day before, 'South Park' will be the first item on the list and 'House' the second one.

The movie list is also sorted by watch date.

The album list is sorted by playcount.

Skin integration

Here you can find the information needed on how to integrate this script into your skin.


Add this to your addon.xml to make it install along with your skin.

   <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="3.00"/>
   <import addon="script.watchlist" version="0.1.7"/>

Note: Please check on what minimum version you need and change it accordingly

Running the addon

To run the script with the options you need:


Available options:

  • movies=[true|false]
  • epsiodes=[true|false]
  • albums=[true|false]


This is the number of items returned by watchlist


The script will initiate an updated when:

  • A movie was played, script is running with movies = true, container is movies and path+filename doesn't contain http:// and/or -trailer
  • An episode was played and script is running with episodes = true
  • A song is playing and playback ends and script is running with albums = true
  • At least one song was played completely if user stops playback manually and script is running with albums = true

Available infolabels

  • Window(Home).Property(*)

Available labels
Property: Movies Description
WatchList_Movie.%d.Label movie title
WatchList_Movie.%d.Year year of release
WatchList_Movie.%d.Genre movie genre
WatchList_Movie.%d.Studio movie studio
WatchList_Movie.%d.Plot movie plot
WatchList_Movie.%d.PlotOutline movie plotoutline
WatchList_Movie.%d.Tagline movie tagline
WatchList_Movie.%d.Runtime duration of the movie
WatchList_Movie.%d.Rating movie rating
WatchList_Movie.%d.Fanart movie fanart
WatchList_Movie.%d.Thumb movie thumbnail
WatchList_Movie.%d.Path movie filename and path
Property: Episodes Description
WatchList_Episode.%d.Label episode title
WatchList_Episode.%d.Episode episode number
WatchList_Episode.%d.Season season number
WatchList_Episode.%d.EpisodeNo season/episode number (sxxexx)
WatchList_Episode.%d.Plot episode plot
WatchList_Episode.%d.TVShowTitle tv show title
WatchList_Episode.%d.Path episode filename and path
WatchList_Episode.%d.Rating episode rating
WatchList_Episode.%d.Thumb episode thumbnail
WatchList_Episode.%d.SeasonThumb season thumbnail
WatchList_Episode.%d.TvshowThumb tv show thumbnail
WatchList_Episode.%d.Fanart tv show fanart
WatchList_Episode.%d.IsResumable indicates if it's a partially watched episode (True/False)
Property: Albums Description
WatchList_Episode.%d.Label name of the album
WatchList_Episode.%d.Artist album artist
WatchList_Episode.%d.Genre album genre
WatchList_Episode.%d.Year year of release
WatchList_Episode.%d.Album_Label recordlabel
WatchList_Episode.%d.Album_Description album review
WatchList_Episode.%d.Rating rating of the album
WatchList_Episode.%d.Thumb album thumbnail
WatchList_Episode.%d.Fanart artist fanart
WatchList_Episode.%d.Path can be used to play the album
Property: General Description
WatchList_Running used by the script internally to check if it's already running

Code example to play album: