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Add-on:TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker

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TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker

See this add-on on the kodi.tv showcase

Author: Roman V.M.
Website: link
Type: Program
Repo: Kodi.tv repo v19
Kodi.tv repo v18

License: GPL-3.0-or-later
Source: Source code
Summary: TVmaze Tracker/Scrobbler for Kodi Mediacenter
Home icon grey.png   ▶ Add-ons ▶ TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker

Automatically track all TV episodes you are watching to TVmaze. A must have if you want to sync your watch history between various applications.
Sign up for a free account at https://tvmaze.com for more features.

This Kodi TV episode Tracker uses the TVmaze.com user API's scrobbler endpoints(https://static.tvmaze.com/apidoc/)

What this addon does:
- Performs an initial sync between Kodi and TVmaze for the episodes you've watched.
- If you add an episode to the Kodi library it marks it as "acquired" on TVmaze.
- If you watch an episode in Kodi it marks it as "watched" in TVmaze.
- If you mark an episode as watched in TVmaze it marks it as watched in Kodi.


To install this add-on you must do so from the Add-on manager from within Kodi by going to

  1. The home screen
  2. Add-ons
  3. Download
  4. Program Add-ons
  5. TVmaze Scrobbler/Tracker
  6. Install