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Add-on:Skin Widgets/RecentItems

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1 RecentItems

Use: Window(Home).Property(*)

1.1 Movies

Available labels
Property: Movies Description
RecentMovie.%d.Title movie title
RecentMovie.%d.Year year of release
RecentMovie.%d.Genre movie genre
RecentMovie.%d.Studio movie studio
RecentMovie.%d.Plot movie plot
RecentMovie.%d.PlotOutline movie plotoutline
RecentMovie.%d.Tagline movie tagline
RecentMovie.%d.Runtime duration of the movie
RecentMovie.%d.Rating movie rating
RecentMovie.%d.Trailer movie trailer
RecentMovie.%d.Art(poster) movie poster
RecentMovie.%d.Art(fanart) movie fanart
RecentMovie.%d.Art(clearlogo) movie clearlogo
RecentMovie.%d.Art(clearart) movie clearart
RecentMovie.%d.Art(landscape) movie 16:9 landscape image
RecentMovie.%d.Art(banner) movie banner
RecentMovie.%d.Art(discart) movie disc
RecentMovie.%d.Resume movie resume true/false
RecentMovie.%d.PercentPlayed movie percentage played
RecentMovie.%d.Watched movie watched true/false
RecentMovie.%d.File movie filename and path
RecentMovie.%d.Path movie path
RecentMovie.%d.VideoCodec movie codec
RecentMovie.%d.VideoResolution movie resolution
RecentMovie.%d.VideoAspect movie aspect ratio
RecentMovie.%d.AudioCodec movie codec
RecentMovie.%d.AudioChannels movie audio channels

1.2 Episodes

Available labels
Property: Episodes Description
RecentEpisode.%d.Title episode title
RecentEpisode.%d.Episode episode number
RecentEpisode.%d.EpisodeNo season/episode (sxxexx)
RecentEpisode.%d.Season season number
RecentEpisode.%d.Plot episode plot
RecentEpisode.%d.TVshowTitle tv show title
RecentEpisode.%d.Rating episode rating
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(thumb) episode thumbnail
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.fanart) tv show fanart
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.poster) tv show poster
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.banner) tv show banner
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.clearlogo) tv show clearlogo
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.clearart) tv show clearart
RecentEpisode.%d.Art(tvshow.landscape) tv show landscape
RecentEpisode.%d.Resume indicates if it's a partially watched episode (true/false)
RecentEpisode.%d.PercentPlayed percentage played
RecentEpisode.%d.File episode filename and path
RecentEpisode.%d.Path TV show path
RecentEpisode.%d.VideoCodec episode video codec
RecentEpisode.%d.VideoResolution episode resolution
RecentEpisode.%d.VideoAspect episode aspect ratio
RecentEpisode.%d.AdioCodec episode audio codec
RecentEpisode.%d.AudioChannels episode audio channels

1.3 MusicVideo

Available labels
Property: MusicVideo Description
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Title video name
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Artist artist name
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Year release year
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Plot video plot
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Genre video genre
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Runtime runtime
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Thumb video thumb
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Fanart video fanart
RecentMusicVideo.%d.File video path + file
RecentMusicVideo.%d.Path video path

1.4 Albums

Available labels
Property: Albums Description
RecentAlbum.%d.Title name of the album
RecentAlbum.%d.Artist album artist
RecentAlbum.%d.Genre album genre
RecentAlbum.%d.Year year of release
RecentAlbum.%d.RecordLabel recordlabel
RecentAlbum.%d.Description album description
RecentAlbum.%d.Rating rating of the album
RecentAlbum.%d.Thumb album thumbnail
RecentAlbum.%d.Fanart artist fanart
RecentAlbum.%d.Play can be used to play the album

1.5 Play or open

Code example to play album: