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Author: BlueCop

Type: {{#switch: xbmc.python.pluginsource xbmc.addon.repository = Add-on Repository xbmc.service = Services xbmc.metadata.scraper.albums = Album information xbmc.metadata.scraper.artists = Artist information xbmc.metadata.scraper.movies = Movie information xbmc.metadata.scraper.musicvideos = Music video information xbmc.metadata.scraper.tvshows = TV information xbmc.metadata.scraper.library = Add-on library/module xbmc.python.module = Add-on library/module xbmc.python.library = Add-on library/module xbmc.ui.screensaver = Screensaver Weather information xbmc.python.subtitles = Subtitles xbmc.subtitle.module = Subtitles xbmc.python.lyrics = Lyrics = Skin xbmc.gui.webinterface = Web interface xbmc.webinterface = Web interface xbmc.pvrclient = PVR kodi.resource.language = Languages kodi.context.item = Context menu items kodi.resource.uisounds = GUI sounds kodi.resource.images = Image collections kodi.audiodecoder = Audio decoders kodi.audioencoder = Audio encoders kodi.gameclient = [[:Category:Game add-ons|Game = Game controllers kodi.imagedecoder = Image decoders kodi.inputstream = Input stream kodi.vfs = VFS xbmc.player.musicviz = Music visualizations #default = Video



Summary: Hulu video plugin
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A new beta version of the Hulu add-on can be found using this add-on repository: