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Author: micah

Type: Add-on library/module
Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

License: Apache2
Source: Source code
Summary: Provide Dropbox Python API support
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Provide Dropbox Python API support


This addon does not have to be installed: It is a prerequisite for other addons and will be installed automatically when installing these other addons.

About the Addon

This addon provides access to the dropbox API to other addons. Addons registered as Dropbox Apps have a separate folder in the dropbox file structure and can access files only in this folder. This addon does not provide access to the files in the general dropbox file system. The addon is triggered by opening a settings field in an addon using the Dropbox API.


  • By opening the settings field "dropbox authorization code" from another addon, a link is displayed

Method A

  • open the link by using a QR code reader app on your smartphone ( in a browser on your smartphone)
  • enter your dropbox credentials and confirm
  • copy the authorization code
  • click next on your Kodi device
  • use a remote control smartphone app (like YATSE) to paste the authorization code into the dialog
  • click next in the Kodi dialog

Disclaimer: This only works until Kodi Leia (v. 18), not Matrix (v. 19).

Method B

  • open the link manually in a browser
  • type the authorization code with your keyboard in the Kodi dialog (Kodi does not support copy-paste, since it is designed for no-input-devices)