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Author: Dimitri Kroon

Type: Video
Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

License: GPL-2.0-or-later
Source: Source code
Summary: Films and documentaries from (Benelux countries only, account required)
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This add-on enables playing films and documentaries from Dutch film platform Cinetree.
This an unofficial addon. It is not created or endorsed by Cinetree.

To be able to play any content a Cinetree account is required. Films available in the monthy subscription account can be played directly from kodi. You can also browse through the whole rental collection.
Just like the official TV-apps, it's not possible to rent a film directly from this addon. In order to watch a rental film you first have to make the payment via Cinetree's website or the official Cinetree Android/Apple app. Once paid the film will be available in the menu 'My Films' > 'Rented' for the duration of the rental period, which is usually 48 hours.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Video Add-ons
  5. Cinetree
  6. Install