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Artist Slideshow Helper

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Author: pkscout
Website: link
Type: Program

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Help manage Artist Slideshow Cache Images
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Artist Slideshow Helper provides a list artist names matched to their hash directory in your Artist Slideshow image directory to make things a little easier to manage. It also allows you to migrate images out of the cache directory into a local directory structure.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Program Add-ons
  5. Artist Slideshow Helper
  6. Install


  • create list of artists with the hash name used by Artist Slideshow and save it as a text file
  • migrate artist images from Artist Slideshow cache directory to a separate local directory structure

Addon settings

You MUST go into the settings and set some options or the script won't do anything but complain that you haven't set any options.

Create artist hash map file: (default false)
Enabling this option will tell AS Helper to create the hash file.

Output directory: (default EMPTY)
The directory where AS Helper should put the text file. The name of the file will be as_hashlist.txt.

'Migrate images: (default false)
Enable this to have AS Helper migrate images from the cache directory to a separate, local directory structure. Please note that artists with "/" in their name will be skipped.

Output directory (default EMPTY)
The root directory where AS Helper should put the images. AS Helper will place images in that directory by <artist name>/extrafanart. If the artist directory already exists, AS Helper will add images to the directory.

Migration type: (default TEST)
three options: test, copy, move
test will create a text file logging what would have happened if files were actually moved.
copy copy the cache files to the destination and leave the cache files in place.
move copy the cache files to the destination and delete the files in the cache.

Enable fuzzy local artist image paths: (default false)
if enabled, AS will replace certain reserved characters in an artist names with an alternate character when looking for a local artist folder.
Platform for image store can be Windows, MacOS, or Other. When set to Windows, the characters <>:"/\|?*and trailing periods are replaced with whatever is set in the settings. When set to MacOS, the character : is replaced with whatever is set in the settings. If set to other, any characters defined by os.path.sep are replaced with whatever is set in the settings.
Replace illegal path characters in artist name with (default _)
This character replaces any illegal characters noted above.
Replace trailing period in artist name with: (default BLANK)
This character replaces any trailing period as noted above.

Enable debug logging: (default false)
When enabled, if you have XBMC logging set the DEBUG you will get a very verbose set of information in your log file. You should only need to activate this when troubleshooting issues.

Getting help

If you need assistance using Artist Slideshow Helper, please see the support thread on the XBMC forums.

Beta Testing

If you are interested in beta testing new versions of this add on (or just like being on the bleeding edge of up to date), you can install beta versions from pkscout's Add On Beta Channel. You can also monitor the support thread, as links to particular beta releases will be available there as well.