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Since v12 Frodo, Kodi supports "tags" which can be applied to movies, TV shows, and music videos. They are meant to supplement Movie sets which are (by design) limited in their usage. A movie or TV show can have multiple tags attached and a tag can contain multiple tags. They can be used as keywords, categories, filters, or whatever you want. Movies and TV shows can have multiple tags. Tags can be used to filter and navigate the library. Tags can be edited and managed directly from the Kodi GUI.

1 Managing tags

1.1 in Kodi

There is limited support to manage tags in Kodi. Videos -> Library -> Movies -> Tags will display a list of all the existing tags. Opening a tag will show the list of movies or TV shows which have that specific tag attached.

1.1.1 Creating a new tag

Note: If there's already a tag with that specific name an error will pop up and the process will be aborted. Otherwise the new tag will be created and the user will be prompted with a list of all movies.
Be sure to double-check the tag name before you start adding titles, because you can't rename the tag in the GUI. The only way to rename a tag is editing the SQL video database.

1.1.2 Modifying existing tags

Opening the context menu of a specific tag will provide several options to modify the tag and the items it contains:

Tags context menu.jpg
Add Movies
Opens a dialog with the list of all movies that do not have this tag attached yet. The user can select one or multiple movies which should be added to this tag.
Remove Movies
Opens a dialog with the list of movies that have this tag attached. The user can select one or multiple movies which should be removed from this tag. Removing all movies will not remove the tag.
Remove from library
Attempts to remove the tag from the library. The user will be prompted to confirm whether the tag should really be removed. Removing a tag will not remove the items it contains. It will only remove the specific tag from the library and therefore also from all the movies that had this tag attached.

1.2 through NFO files

To add a movie to one or multiple tags an NFO file can be created and for every tag an XML tag can be added like this If there's no tag with the specified name it will be automatically created and the tag will be attached to the movie.

Tip Tip: See NFO files

2 Usage

Apart from the Tags view in Videos -> Library -> Movies -> Tags, tags can currently only be used in Smart Playlists as rules. In the future tags will be extended to work with other areas of Kodi. For example, they could be integrated into the video info dialog and other parts of the user interface.

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