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Hi @karellen -

Just read your comment on my muddysteel - what happens when your tank gets wet page. Totally agree on the disproportionate number of historical changes vs. using Preview, which is my usual route. (That and dropping decent comments on historical comment for the edit.)

The problem was in tweaking a template: Cannot see its effects unless it gets committed. I toyed briefly with setting up a new template/testing driving/then deploying, but decided against the extra work of that approach.

In any case, any edits I do on the more mainstream articles will show less changes between the test-drive (preview) and actual commit. Thanks for the feedback!

- muddysteel Sun Jun 16 16:40:49 UTC 2019

- muddysteel Sure, no problems. Just wanted it to be a general comment in case you were not aware of the preview (as soooo many contributors seem to not be aware of it). Unfortunately, 8 edits to change 3 words seems to be a common practice here...

Regards :)

Karellen (talk) 21:34, 16 June 2019 (UTC)