Updating or removing videos

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This page will show you the various methods of updating library information for videos and how to remove videos.

1 Updating the library

2 Removing videos

  • You can remove the contents of entire folders/sources (without deleting the actual files) from the library by setting content to <None>, even if the parent folder is still included in the library. See #Removing sources for more info.
  • Individual entries can also be removed (without deleting the actual files) by bringing up the contextual menu (press C on a keyboard) and selecting "Remove from library". Those videos will be scanned in the next time the library is updated unless the parent folder's content settings has Exclude path from library updates selected.

3 Removing sources

To remove a source you need to use the contextual menu (C on a keyboard by default) on a video source.

  • Select "Videos" in the home screen menu
  • Select one of the Sources ( 'Movies' , 'TV' , etc )
  • Use the contextual menu (C) to bring up the additional options for that source
  • Use 'Edit' or 'Delete' to modify the source

4 Excluding directories/folders