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Experiencing difficulties with Kodi? Then this page will guide you to information that may assist. Use this page as a jumping off point and if you cannot find a solution, there is always the forum to fallback to.

First Time User

If you are a first time user of Kodi and are just generally lost and not sure how to operate Kodi, then start with the First time user pages. Also check out the FAQs page.

Audio Troubleshooting

Audio troubleshooting
This page describes some of the steps you can take to troubleshoot audio problem and gives background information on audio concepts as a foundation for understand why some things work as they do.

Video Library Troubleshooting

Incorrect and missing videos
No scraper is 100% accurate. Errors arise from either mistakes by the user, inherent limitations of the scraper, and/or errors at the site of the information provider. If you have followed the guide, the errors you encounter will be minimal. For those errors that do occur, this page will help correct them. Sorry, but we cannot fix stubborness or laziness for those that refuse to fix their file naming problems.

Debug Logs

Log file
The Debug Log is Kodi's most basic diagnostic tool that assists in fault finding and troubleshooting. Kodi records a process and error log at all times, but this may not be sufficent and more detail is required. The Debug Log records additional data that may assist in resolving issues experienced by the user. The Easy and Advanced methods are the two options to create the Debug Log. The method you choose will depend on your requirements.

Test files and samples

See: Samples

Various samples that are useful for testing or trying to reproduce possible issues.

Video levels and color space

See: Video levels and color space

Information about video levels, color space, and calibration, for video.

Effective Troubleshooting

Steps that should be used to try and rectify issues.

Isolate the Problem
Before writing a bug report or asking questions in the forum, it is advisable to try and find the source of the bug. There are two good ways to do this depending on the problem:
  1. Temporarily remove user data (Fresh Start)
  2. Temporarily uninstall an add-on
Now test if the problem remains.
Windows users have the benefit of being able to install multiple copies of Kodi using Portable Mode. Install a fresh copy and see if the issue persists.
Update and Upgrade
Before writing a bug report, make sure that the add-on you are using, or Kodi itself, is fully updated to the latest official version. It is entirely possible that the problem is fixed in the most recent versions of the add-on and/or Kodi. The add-on support section of the forum contains information and help with Kodi add-ons. There may be beta versions of add-ons that are not officially added to the repository that fix the problem.
Test on Multiple Devices
Reproducing the bug on multiple devices will determine whether or not the source of the bug is the user’s hardware or Kodi itself. Testing the bug on multiple devices before submitting the bug report can isolate the source of the problem and help determine whether or not the developers can fix it. This tactic also greatly reduces the confusion that can occur when others try to reproduce the bug.

Reporting bugs and errors

See: HOW-TO:Submit a bug report

Getting more help

Asking questions in a smart way

How to ask questions in a smart way?:

  • When you ask:
    • Use meaningful Titles on posts. Don't ask the question in the post title.
    • If English is a second language for you, then clearly state that in the post.
    • Be clear, precise and informative about your question and problem
    • Provide the link to your Debug Log uploaded to a public Pastebin type site. We recommend to use
    • Include screenshots to aid in problem description.
    • Write clearly, with correct use of punctuation and paragraphs. Too much text will put people off reading it. Too little and people won't bother.
    • Don't ask people to reply by private e-mail or private message.
    • Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps.
    • Follow up with a brief note on the solution if you find one

No Response

It is important to remember that Kodi is entirely a Volunteer project and nobody works on this as a full time job. This project is merely a very successful hobby for the developers. The forum is not a paid help service and the Moderators are also volunteers.

While the Team tries to provide assistance, it is not always possible to respond to every post personally. For that we rely on the devoted community of users. If you find that neither a Team-Member nor a Community Member has responded to your post, then there may be something wrong with your post. Some common errors include:

  • The question was too vague with little or no information provided
  • The question was too off-topic and is not a Kodi problem
  • The question has been answered so many times previously, that members are annoyed you have not done a basic search for the answer
  • The post may come across as rude, demanding, insulting or just generally unappreciative

Ensure you don't fall into any of the above categories.

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