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Smart Playlists Contents

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Smart Playlists are a versatile feature that allow you to create customised lists of media that may be more suited to your browsing preference. They are a set of rules/filters that allow you to display a sub set of the media in your library.

Once a smart playlist is created, it can be browsed like any other list in the Kodi library.

A Smart Playlist can also be set as a menu item on the main menu using any compatible skin. See: Custom home items


  • Smart Playlists work by using the information in the databases. A correctly scanned/scraped library is required for accurate results
  • It is not possible to combine different classes of media into a playlist. eg you cannot combine Movies and TV Shows. The only combining allowed is Music and Music Videos as these may share a common Artist

These pages are a basic guide to help you understand the process of creating a smart playlist. The easiest way to discover the power of smart playlists is to create and test. Create as many as you like, they can all be deleted and there is no effect on the rest of your setup.


Playlists can be created and edited using either of the two following methods :

GUI Method - Create and edit playlists directly in Kodi using the playlist editor

XSP Method - Advanced users can create and edit the XSP files located in the userdata\playlists folder


Rules & Groupings - A list of Rules, Fields, Operators and Values that can be used in the XSP files
Example XSP files - Example XSP files that can be copied into your own setup