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Below you will find software that can be useful in Skin Development.

1 TexturePacker


Kodi uses a tool named TexturePacker to compile all images used in a skin into a single file. The benefit of it is that images inside the Textures.xbt will load faster in the skin. This is done by converting all images into a format that take less processing by Kodi when they need to be rendered onto the screen.

A common misconception is that TexturPacker will just compress the images into a single file. This if far from the truth, so don't be surprised if the Textures.xbt file is much larger than the total size of all the individual images.

2 TextureTool


TextureTool (Communityproject developed by supp.) is giving you the possibility to decompile and compile .xbt files. It's also providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The TextureTool is based on tiben20's (Team Kodi) command line extractor and TexturePacker.