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1 Actions

Setting Description Level
Play the next song automatically Kodi automatically plays the next item in the current folder. For example, in Files View: After a track has been played, Kodi would automatically play the next track in the same folder. Basic
Queue songs on selection When songs are added to a playlist they are queued instead of playback starting immediately. Basic
Skip steps Defines which skip step sizes to use when pressing the skip buttons. If more steps are selected for a skip directions, these can be applied by subsequent presses on the skip button within the defined skip deley. Forward (positive) and backward (negative) steps can be defined independently Standard
Skip delay Defines the time to wait for subsequent key presses before performing the skip. Only applies when using smart skipping (when using more than one skip step for a direction). Standard

2 Playback

Setting Description Level
Crossfade between songs Enabling this will cause the player to smoothly fade from one audio track to the next. You can set the amount of overlap of the tracks from 1-15 seconds. Standard
Crossfade between songs on the same album You have the option of only crossfading between songs on the same album or all. Standard
Visualization Determines which visualization will be displayed while listening to music. For more information, see Visualizations. Basic
Volume adjustments When enabled, Kodi will read the Replay Gain information encoded in your audio files by a program such as MP3Gain and normalize the sound levels accordingly. You have the option of either using track levels or album levels. Expert
Files with RepalyGain information Read the ReplayGain information encoded in your audio files by a program such as MP3Gain and normalise the sound levels accordingly. Change with caution! Expert
Files without RepalyGain information Reference volume (PreAmp Level) to use for files without encoded ReplayGain information. Default is 89db as per standard. Change with caution! Expert

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