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1 All

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1.1 Show parent folder items

Settings level: Standard
Description: Determines the display of the parent folder icon

Displayed as .. at the top of lists.

1.2 Ignore articles when sorting

Settings level: Standard
Description: Allows for certain tokens to be ignored during sort operations.

For example, with this option enabled, "The Simpsons" would be sorted under S for "Simpsons" instead of T for "The Simpsons".
Tokens can be modified in the advancedsettings.xml file.

See Sort Tokens in advancedsettings.xml

2 Files

These settings have no effect on the Library. They are used to modify Files view.

Settings media generall files.JPG

2.1 Show file extensions

Settings level: Standard
Description: When enabled, file extensions are displayed in Files view.

2.2 Show "Add source" buttons in file lists

Settings level: Standard
Description: When enabled, the Add (Vidoes/Music/Pictures) options are displayed.

Can be disabled to protect your library from being modified with new Sources and content.

2.3 Show hidden files and directories

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Shows hidden files and folders.

2.4 Allow file renaming and deletion

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Allows you to delete and rename files through the user interface.

Use the Context menu and select Remove from library. An additional pop-up will then ask if you would like to delete the files.

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