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1 Look and feel

1.1 Skin

Settings level: Basic
Description: Change to another skin. If none are listed, use the Get more... button. Be careful changing to the Estouchy skin as this is designed for touchscreens and may make Kodi unusable if you do not have a touchscreen.

See: Skins
See: HOW-TO:Change Skins

1.2 Configure skin

Settings level: Basic
Description: For the currently active skin, change the skin specific settings. Each skin is different and will have different settings.

See: Estuary Skin Settings

1.3 Theme

Settings level: Standard
Description: Change the theme associated with your skin. Not all skins come with alternative themes.

The theme consists of icons, colours, fonts, images and other furniture. Many of these items are contained within the default theme.xbt file in Themes folder in the skins add-on folder.
To create a new theme, the xbt file needs to be copied, unpacked, modified then repacked using the TextureTool. If a Colour theme is available, this will also be applied when changing themes as long as both the Theme and Colour files are named the same.
See: Skinning
See: TextureTool

1.4 Colours

Settings level: Standard
Description: Change the colours of your selected skin. Not all skins come with alternative colours.

The colour of fonts and text can be changed without changing the Theme, but used in combination with Themes, you are able to create a new look and feel for your skin.
If a colour option is related to a theme, ensure both the colour and them file names are the same.
See: Colour Themes

1.5 Fonts

Settings level: Standard
Description: Choose the fonts displayed in the user interface. The font sets are configured by your skin. Not all skins come with alternative fonts.

If your chosen language uses non-Latin characters, you may need to change font to display the correct characters in your chosen language.
Adding ttf font files to the skins Font folder will enable you to change the font used by the skin.
See: Fonts

1.6 Zoom

Settings level: Standard
Description: Resize the view of the user interface. Also works as an alternative to calibration for overscan issues, but only for the GUI and not video playback. Range is -30% to to +30%

Before adjusting any calibration within Kodi, ensure your TV or Display Monitor has any overscan settings disabled.
See: Calibration Settings

1.7 Stereoscopic 3D effect strength

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Defines the strength of the stereoscopic 3D effect in the GUI. This is done by controlling the depth perception within the GUI, so the higher the value, the more the elements will pop out of the screen. Zero disables the stereoscopic 3D effect of the GUI. For a good visual experience, the value should be higher for small screens and lower for larger screens.

Note: Not all skins support this feature.
See: 3D

1.8 Show RSS news feeds

Settings level: Basic
Description: Enables and disables the scrolling RSS news ticker displayed on Kodi screens.

See: RSS Ticker
See: RSSFeeds.xml

1.9 Edit RSS

Settings level: Standard
Description: Requires the installation of the RSS Editor add-on. You will be prompted to install this.

Allows choosing an existing RSS feed or adding a new RSS Feed. Nominate the update frequency in minutes.
See: Add-on:RSS Editor

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