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1 Referenced Pages and Further Reading

2 Introduction

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is open source media centre software, whose code is freely available for anyone to download, inspect, compile and fork. Because of this, proper usage of our brand name and trademarks are essential to inform users whether or not the product or service that they have or are using is recognised by and has the approval of the XBMC Foundation.

This document and its accompanying pages outline how our trademarks may and may not be used, and when approval for usage must be sought from the Foundation board. Usage of Kodi trademarks must only be done in accordance with this policy. A non-exhaustive list of the trademarks covered by this policy can be found here.

The overall aims of this policy are to:

  • make it clear and unambiguous whether a given product or service is provided by, supported by and/or approved by the XBMC Foundation.
  • ensure that any usage of XBMC Foundation marks do not cause confusion or mislead the end user.
  • maintaining our XBMC Foundation marks as a reliable indicator of source, quality and security of the Kodi brand and codebase.
  • permit and encourage our wider community, including developers, software distributors and others who collaborate with us, to promote and discuss Kodi and to accurately describe their affiliation to us.

Underlying this policy are the general laws and definitions of trademarks. Above all else, if there is any doubt or requirement for clarification, if you wish to report a trademark being abused or misused, or if you wish to discuss your usage case with us then please contact us at [email protected] .

3 General Trademark Guidelines

Without requiring and receiving specific permission from the XBMC Foundation board,

you may use Kodi trademarks, wordmarks or logos:

  • to honestly and openly refer to and/or link to our applications, services or other official publicly established presences hosted on our official servers or maintained by Team Kodi elsewhere.
  • offer direct links to our website to download our products from our official host servers and their mirrors.
  • for marketing or other publicity material relating to the XBMC Foundation or its products for promotion of the brand.
  • only in a non-confusing, unambiguous, open, honest and truthful manner.
  • to produce unofficial t-shirts, desktop wallpapers, baseball caps and other merchandise solely for personal "fan" use and not for commercial or retail distribution or sale.

you may not use Kodi trademarks, wordmarks or logos:

  • in advertising, web pages or other media to imply or claim approval, association, sponsorship, partnership or endorsement from Team Kodi in cases where no such agreement formally exists.
  • as part of another brand, business, application, domain or service name where such use may cause confusion to end users between the 3rd party entity and the official Kodi one.
  • in a defamatory, disparaging, derogatory fashion, or in any way to undermine or damage the trust, quality, reputation and the general good name of the Kodi brand.
  • in a manner that causes confusion to the end user as to whom they are dealing with, where the software, product or service they are dealing with is coming from and who produced, supports or provides it.
  • in association with any product, service or application which is illegal, immoral or is against the ethical stance of Team Kodi and violates any of our related policies (e.g. our piracy policy).
  • in any altered, edited or derived form from our original items.
  • as part of any commercial product for retail sale, promotion or distribution, regardless of whether reimbursement or profit is made or not.

4 Distribution of Kodi Software

The requirements for providing and distribution software based on the Kodi codebase is detailed in our Distribution Policy.

5 Third Party Addons and Repos

For authors of 3rd party addons and other software related to Kodi, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Any 3rd party addon or repo not hosted in our official repo should avoid using wordmarks such as "Kodi" or "XBMC" in its name.
  • Where the addon or repo relates to other 3rd party trademarked names, sources products or services it must be clearly stated in the user-visible information for the addon whether any official relationship, endorsement and/or approval is in place between the author and the trademark owner.
  • The usage of any XBMC Foundation trademark, wordmark or logo must not imply that the addon, repo or software is an official XBMC Foundation product or that any relationship with or endorsement/approval by Team Kodi exists in cases where none truthfully does.

6 Third Party Sites and Support Services

  • Software applications designed to reconfigure a pre-existing Kodi installation or install any addons, repos or builds into such may not use any XBMC Foundation trademark, wordmark or logo.
  • The usage of XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks and logos on websites and other promotional media must be clear, unambiguous and not misleading or confusing.
  • Usage of XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks or logos to falsely imply that a product, service or website is officially produced, maintained, supported, endorsed or approved by the XBMC Foundation, or that any partnership or relationship between the XBMC Foundation and the 3rd party is not permitted.
  • Third party websites must not copy the appearance, style or general look and feel of any XBMC Foundation website where this may cause confusion for users as to whom they are dealing with.
  • Support services using our trademarks, wordmarks or logos may not tie access to or download of XBMC Foundation products to the purchase of the service.

Any support service for XBMC Foundation products that wishes to use our trademarks, wordmarks or logos must also prominently make the following statements on their website and promotional materials:

  • The XBMC Foundation product is available for free from our official website, and to provide a link to our download page.
  • The purchase, download, subscription or acquisition of your service is a separate transaction from the downloading of the XBMC Foundation, and is not linked to it or required for such a download.
  • Your service is not officially affiliated with, endorsed by nor representative of the XBMC Foundation.

7 How to use our Trademarks


8 How to Ask Questions and Report Abuses