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{{#lst:Supported hardware|iOS}}
{{#lst:Supported hardware|iOS}}
== How-Tos ==
== How-tos ==
  category = How-to
  category = How-to

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Attention talk.png Read this page and still need help? Check out the Kodi for iOS support forum.
Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
v14.2 "Helix" will be the last version of Kodi to run on the Apple TV 2. For more information read the announcement here.

Other iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) will still be supported.

Kodi for iOS is a full port of Kodi/XBMC to Apple's iOS operating-system. iOS supports both 720p and 1080p hardware accelerated video decoding of H.264 videos, and is compatible several Apple's iDevice's and Apple TVs that uses Apple A4 or higher SoC processors with a jailbroken iOS operating-system or an Apple development certificate to sign the .ipa file with. iOS has full touchscreen support as well as video-out cable support for iDevices.

1 Main topics

Other iOS-specific wiki pages for topics, guides, and advice. For everything else, standard Kodi pages will normally apply.

icon HOW-TO:Install Kodi for iOS
icon HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Apple TV 2
HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Apple TV 2
icon iOS FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for iOS, including iDevices and Apple TV.

icon How-tos
icon Tips and tricks
Boost performance, troubleshoot, enhance, and more.
icon Helpful applications
icon Device specific info
icon Touch controls
Touch screen devices, such as those for Android and iOS, have a number of default functions and can also be modified using a touchscreen.xml Keymap. The ability to change these controls with a keymap file was added in v13.
icon Supplemental tools
icon Random notes

2 Requirements

2.1 Apple TV 2

  • As of v15.0, Kodi no longer supports the Apple TV 2.

2.2 Apple TV 3

  • Kodi is not supported on Apple TV 3 because there is no jailbreak for this device and it's impossible to sideload an application on it.

2.3 Apple TV 4 and 5 (HD and 4K)

2.4 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

  • To install Kodi for iOS you must have one of the following:
    • a jailbroken iDevice running iOS 6.0 or higher
    • a normal iDevice running iOS 6.0 or higher and a Mac running Xcode 7 and higher
  • For hardware: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone and iPod touch.

3 How-tos

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4 Random notes

Feel free to place various notes, tips, and links here. As this section of the wiki gets more organized, those notes will be properly sorted. Consider this like a dumping ground for when you're not sure where to put something.