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 Editing help: Main help page Rules Add-on page Skin page Supplemental tool page Templates 

This is for help with editing the Kodi Wiki Manual. For help with Kodi, please see the Main page.

1 Wiki editing 101

Here's some wiki editing 101 links from and Wikipedia. Most things that work on Wikipedia should also work on the Kodi Wiki Manual. If you see a feature or template on Wikipedia that you would like to use here then let us know on the Kodi help forum for website issues or Talk:Main Page.

2 Tools

  • Category:Templates- formatting and message templates that you can use on pages for various things.
  • Gadgets- Go to the top of any page and click on "My preferences -> Gadgets" and check out some of the additional editing tools there, especially the wikEd option
  • Special:SpecialPages contains a number of tools and reports to help with editing.
  • Some additional functions on this wiki are documented via links at Special:Version.
  • YouTube- To embed youtube videos (Kodi related videos only!) use {{youtube|ID}} where id= is the YouTube ID from the URL. For example, {{youtube|4NR57ELY28s}}. You can also define |height= and |width= (default is 569x320).
  • Like/PlusOne- Add a Facebook Like or a Google PlusOne to a specific wiki page, ether in reference to the page itself or the topic the page is about. The tags are: {{Like}}, {{Recommend}}, {{PlusOne}}. Click on their links for more info.

3 Types of pages

Think of this as a basic idea/guideline and not really anything strict
  • General topics (main namespace)- Anything that is a general overview of a topic. This can be main manual pages, a page for a remote control, a page for a specific hardware part, a supplemental tool/program, or just about anything Kodi related. Some pages might be a manual-type page explaining something in Kodi, or it could be something just Kodi-related and just serving as a basic info page + bookmarks.
  • Manual- Core Kodi manual/help pages. Can be in several namespaces. See Category:Manual
  • FAQs- Question/common topic and answers. See Category:FAQ and Template:FAQ
  • HOW-TO:- How-tos some manual pages will simply be both general pages and a how-to page, or be paired with a how-to page. Pages in the HOW-TO: namespace should be just just for step-by-step how tos. For how-tos within a general topic page, just use the main namespace. Some how-tos are apart of the main manual, and others are more specific. We welcome any how-tos that people feel would be useful. See Category:How-to.
  • Add-ons:- Add-ons, skins, etc. Great for Add-on developers and users alike. See Category:All add-ons. Examples of good add-on pages include: Add-on:YouTube, Add-on:BlipTV, Add-on:iPlayer, Add-on:Common plugin cache. Subpages (if needed) can be made with a slash (/) in the name.
  • Development- Pages for developers or really advanced topics. Includes Skin and Add-on development. Can be in several namespaces. See Category:Development
  • User:- Username space for user pages. All editors get their own User page and can make additional subpages by adding a slash (/). Great for putting down notes on what you are working on for the Kodi Wiki, you can even use your userpage to document your own Kodi set ups, list helpful links for your own reference, or whatever as long as it is Kodi related.

4 Style guidelines

Here are some really rough notes that have been semi-randomly written down as I think of them:

  • When possible try to use {{mininav}} (see link for details) to manually create virtual breadcrumbs to help link to related "parent" pages. This is not required for all pages, and some will not really fit in that kind of structure. When a page has a link to a parent page in the mininav then be sure that the "child" page is linked on that parent page.

  • Use {{note}}, other warning templates, large text, and bold formatting sparingly. If every word on the page is large, bright, and bold, then eventually nothing actually stands out.

  • Some links between pages should be in bold text when they are specifically important to that text, like the "upload link" in the next bullet point. However, don't link passive topics that are only semi related. In other words, only make things bold when they need to stand out, like links that contain important information directly related to what is being discussed. In addiiton to the {{main}}, {{see also}}, and {{see}} templates.
For example: the casual mention of "copyleft" in the next bullet point. The word "copyleft" was a link just in case someone didn't know what that meant, but a more important link, like the one that allows someone to upload, was bolded.

  • When using generic images, like an icon to represent a topic, try to use an image from or another copyleft image before uploading a copyrighted image. Obviously, images of Kodi screen shots are exempt from this, and you can just upload those. To use an image from Wikimedia Commons you don't have to upload the image on the Kodi wiki. You only need to use the same file name and the image will appear. The Commons bridge is currently broken. Just reupload what you need and link back to it in the image description to show you got it from Wikimedia Commons.

  • Use the {{future}} templates (see link for details) for information about an upcoming version of Kodi. Normally, at least until the Beta cycle, information on the wiki should be written for the current version, with the various future templates used to note upcoming changes.

  • Use the {{Updated}} template (see link for details) to note if a page has been updated for a specific version. The page doesn't have to be totally complete for a given topic, but rather, it is used to make sure that no outdated information is left on the page.

  • When in doubt about how to format something, abuse bullet points.

  • These are just guidelines. Unless we've specifically asked you to do something a certain way, then we're probably open to you trying new things and new formatting methods. If you think it improves the wiki then feel free to try it out.

5 Where we need help

everywhere, but here's some specific ideas:

  • Improve/update/add to all of the FAQs, see Category:FAQ
  • Improve the Quick start guide
  • Update screen shots on various pages: Click on an image. If it expands then click on the file name below the image. Then click on "upload new version".
  • Screen shots uploaded for all skins in Category:Skins
    • Any other kind of manual/help info specific to skins
  • Expanding Add-on pages. Great for Add-on developers and users alike. See Category:All add-ons.
Examples of good add-on pages include:
Subpages (if needed) can be made with a slash (/) in the name.
  • Pages/writeups for:
  • Spell checking (everywhere)
  • Useful keymaps. See Category:Custom keymaps
  • Spam/vandalism patrolling of unpatrolled edits. See spam? Remove it! You can use the Undo feature or find a spam-free version in the "View history" tab (click on a past version, then click on Edit, then save, to restore an older version of a page).
  • Pages needing updating/cleaning up: Category:Cleanup
  • Pages needing expanding: Category:Incomplete
  • Kodi Wiki help pages (including this very page). Need expanding, how-to's, etc, on how to edit and use the Kodi Wiki.