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Developer documentation detailing the structure and modification of the favourites.xml file. For the User Guide about the favourites feature see Favourites.

1 Favourites via xml

The display order seen in the Favourites screen is determined by the order of the entries in the xml file. Adjust the order of the favourites in the file to modify the displayed order in Kodi.

The favourites.xml is located in the Userdata folder.

Example: The format of the favourites.xml is as follows. The example shows Playlist, TV Show, TV Episode, Artist, Album and Add-on.

    <favourite name="Marvel Universe">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;special://profile/playlists/video/Marvel Universe.xsp&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="Continuum" thumb="E:\TV Show- TEST\Continuum\thumb.jpg">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;E:\\TV Show- TEST\\Continuum\\&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="1x02. Fast Times" thumb="E:\TV Show- TEST\Continuum\Continuum S01E02-thumb.jpg">PlayMedia(&quot;E:\\TV Show- TEST\\Continuum\\Continuum S01E02.mkv&quot;)</favourite>
    <favourite name="Era" thumb="F:\Music\ArtistInfoKodi\Era\folder.jpg">ActivateWindow(10502,&quot;musicdb://artists/113/?albumartistsonly=false&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="NextPVR PVR Client" thumb="F:\Kodi v18- Nightly\addons\pvr.nextpvr\icon.png">RunAddon(pvr.nextpvr)</favourite>
    <favourite name="TV Show- TEST">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;E:\\TV Show- TEST\\&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="Artist Albums">ActivateWindow(10502,&quot;F:\\Music\\FLAC\\Artist Albums\\&quot;,return)</favourite>

2 Renaming a favourite via xml

Change the name of any item by amending the <fabourite name=""> section.

    <favourite name="Enter Desired name here" thumb="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/videos/120x90/52447.jpg">PlayMedia(&quot;plugin://plugin.video.howstuffworks_com/?url=52447&amp;mode=playVideo&quot;)</favourite>

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