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Control Systems are generally professional-level products which can interact with Kodi. They provide the ability to not only control Kodi, but pretty much any other technology in the home as well. Control Systems are generally professional products that require a programmer to customize the system to your needs. Kodi has special integration with various Control Systems. Over time information on each of these integrations will be made available here.

Known Compatible Control Systems:


  • Visit the Allonis Website
  • myServer Quick Overview] - The myServer PC based automation and media control software is one of the most powerful on the market. Dealers or end users can custom build their own user interfaces with the included click and drag myDesigner application.
  • Movie Management - myServer's Movie product is completely configurable to control multi-zone playback to your Kodi device, to a HTPC to a DLNA renderer etc. Completely manage your theater experience from your smartphone or tablet with the included user interfaces.
  • Device Control - myServer can control just about all devices you might use in your home or theater.
  • Product bundles and pricing - View our available bundles and pricing. Try our free 30 day trial of myServer!


  • Visit URC's Website
  • Control_Systems/Total_Control|URC Total Control Quick Overview - A look at the products available in the Total Control Product Line that can be used to gain completely customized control of Kodi. Anything that can be done via the JSON API can be programmed onto all interfaces.
  • Find a Total Control Dealer - This tool will help you find a dealer/installer of the Total Control Products to get more information, pricing, etc.
  • Download Total Control/Kodi Control Driver - This driver can be used when programming Kodi with Total Control to easily integrate with any Kodi Instance. No programming/driver creation necessary!



  • Visit iRidium mobile's Website iRidium is a software package to visualize and control any Automation Systems, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication that enables control from any device using any customized interface. iRidium has Kodi module that enables to contol Kodi media server from iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android and Windows based devices. This module easily integrates with AMX, KNX, Crestron and other technology in the home. Kodi module from iRidium mobile

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