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Whilst Kodi is playing media on screen you can activate the codecinfo overlay O key on a keyboard. This normally appears as white text on a black background bar located near the top of the screen (dependent on the skin being used). The codecinfo overlay displays a number of real time variables describing detailed information on the codecs currently in use.

1 Current stable builds

Video codecinfo window as seen in stable Kodi v14.x and newer builds.

Information is split into 6 lines of text:

  • Audio information - Demuxer
  • Audio information - Player
  • Video information - Demuxer
  • Video information - Player
  • General playback information C
  • Windowing and System CPU information

1.1 Breakdown

Samples from the screen(s) above:

Audio information Breakdown
aac Audio codec
mp4a / 0x6134706D Codec ID - Format profile [1]
48000 Hz Sampling rate
5.1 Audio channels
s16 Sample size (s16 = signed 16-bit value)
fltp float, planar
437 kb/s Average audio bitrate (reported by demuxer)
aq:99% Audio queue saturation
Kb/s:437.41 Current audio bitrate (reported by player)
att:0.0db Attenuation / gain added by player
Video information Breakdown
h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661) Video codec
yuv420p Color space / Chroma subsampling
1920x1080 Resolution
SAR 1:1 DAR 16x9 Source Aspect Ratio - Display Aspect Ratio
9282 kb/s Average audio bitrate (reported by demuxer)
fr:24.000 Source framerate
vq:88% Video queue saturation
dc:ff-h264-dxva2 Video library performing decode
Mb/s:7.79 Current video bitrate (reported by player)
drop:12 Number of dropped frames
skip:13 Number of skipped frames
pc:1 Pullup correction pattern length
General playback information Breakdown
ad:0.000 Audio delay (configured)
a/v:0.030 Audio/video sync difference (real time)
edl:- Edit decision list
dcpu: 0% Relative CPU Usage of the player thread
acpu: 0% Relative CPU usage of the audio decode thread
vcpu: 0% Relative CPU Usage of the video decode thread
cache:0 B 100% Size of cached data and % of cache utilized
Windowing information Breakdown
fps:24.00 Video framerate [2]
CPU 4 core(s) System processor information (this display is OS-dependent)
average: 4.7% Average CPU load across all cores
Sync to screen information Breakdown
refresh Actual refresh-rate being displayed
missed Number of missed frames
speed Audio speed correction to sync
sync Video speed to enable sync
avg Avg amount of correction
error Percentage of errors syncing

2 Current development builds

Future.png Isengard Feature:

3 References

  2. This value fluctuates due to being affected by dirty regions

4 Further information/discussion