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XBian is a small, fast and lightweight media center distro for the Raspberry Pi, based on a minimal Raspbian image. Their slogan is “XBMC on Raspberry Pi, the bleeding edge” as their main focus is delivering the fastest XBMC solution for the Raspberry Pi. It has a fast userinterface and is often even able to playback DTS encoded audio without any problems.

More about XBian can be found in their About us and the Why XBian?-page


1 Main features

  • Fits on 1GB SD cards
  • Very smooth UI
  • Low RAM usage and low CPU usage
  • Auto-mount USB
  • Toggle between 1080p,720p,540p & 480p GUI
  • Support for AFP, NFS, AirPlay, CEC, Lirc, PVR
  • 1080p/DTS smooth playback
  • Easy configuration

2 Installation

XBian can be installed using the Windows Installer or manually (instructions here). For existing installation it provides updates over the internet, so users can upgrade their installation.

3 Using Xbian

4 XBian Wiki

The Wikis will get better and better by time. It's just opened.

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