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XBMC uses add-ons to provide weather information. You can select from various global and regional weather add-ons and customize various location options. Additional weather display options are found under Settings/Appearance and sometimes under the individual skin options, depending on the skin you use.


1 Configuration

In order to use the weather forecast you can specify which add-on shall provide the weather information (by default Weather Underground will be selected).

By default, your internet IP address will be used to auto select your location. You can over-ride this and/or provide additional locations from the Settings button off the Home Screen.

1.1 Changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit

To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit go to Settings -> Appearance -> International and select your location under "Region".

1.2 Weather Underground advanced options

The advanced options screen.
Location x,y,z display name
This allows you to change the name XBMC will use for your location on the weather screen
Location x,y,z id
Instead of downloading weather for a certain town/city, this option allows you to get weather from airports, zipcodes, long/lat and personal weather stations. the id needs to be in one of the formats listed below:
  • 60290 - US zipcode
  • Australia/Sydney - country/city
  • 37.8,-122.4 - latitude,longitude
  • KJFK - airport code
  • pws:KCASANFR70 - Personal Weather Station id
  • autoip - AutoIP address location
  • autoip.json?geo_ip= - specific IP address location
  • CA/San_Francisco - US state/city

Map zoom level
The setting will affect the area covered in the weather map on the Maps & Alerts screen.
Animated map
Instead of one static image, use the weather maps images of the last few hours to create an animation. this may not work for all locations, as the weather map for some locations is not updated frequently.
Weekend days are not the same across the world. select the setting that matches your location
Enable logging
Enables debug logging for the Addon, only enable this if you have bugs and you want to submit a debug log.

1.3 Weather Forecasts

Weather Underground is able to provide 5 types of weather information and provide you with a overview of the weather conditions within that forecast.

2 Forecast for Unknown Locations

Weather forecasts for smaller cities/villages/communities locations outside of America/Canada, for example in Europe may or may not exist on the weather service you're using. The only thing you can do then is select the closest larger city/village/community.

3 Weather fanart

Selecting and setting the fanart path should look something like this

This allows you to show different images depending upon the current weather conditions. So, you can have background images of rain when its rainy, clouds when cloudy, etc. There are 800 images in all, which will change in the background according to the weather conditions and time of the day.

Grabbing The fanart package

This is graciously hosted by a XBMC user, and offers various options for the pack download from .torrent to .nzb and included direct downloads.

You can grab the weather fanart package from http://xbmc.exstatic.org/weather_fanart/ there are several packs available, depending on your intended target resolution, keeping in mind the higher the resolution the more resources it will consume.
Using the fanart package
Next you need to extract the archive file to a location of your choosing (keeping the directory structure). You will notice that the archive contains a bunch of numbered folders in it, the numbers are what xbmc uses to pick the right condition so do not rename them.

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