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Kodi can optionally sort your movies into sets for better organization. Movies sets are for sequels or movies that are otherwise apart of a directly related series, rather than a genre or playlist. Movies can only be in one set at a time. Movie sets can be defined by the scraper, by NFO files, or by using Kodi's built-in sets editor.

Note: Movies can only be in one set at a time, and are meant for series of movies such as sequels. For multiple sets/collections check out video library tags.


1 Grouping movies into sets when browsing in the library

To enable grouping movies in sets in the GUI, so that you only have a single set item when viewing all of your movies, go to Settings -> Videos -> Library and select Group movies in sets.

2 Automatic movie sets data

Since version 11 "Eden", movie sets data is downloaded automatically from online scrapers when you scan movies into the library.

To prevent movies being scraped into sets, change your scraper to Add-on:Universal Scraper and change it's scraper settings to "don't scrape movie sets".

If the movie was added to the video library before the sets/collection data was added to the online scraper, then you will need to refresh a given movie(s) to download the sets data, or manually add movies to sets using the #Movie sets management.

3 Movie set management

From v13 "Gotham", Kodi has a built-in GUI editor for changing, adding, and removing movies and movie sets.

In the following examples we have six movies total, two are in one set (Ghostbusters), three are in a second set (Back to the Future), and one is alone (3:10 to Yuma).

3.1 Displaying sets

3.2 Editing sets from the movie set

There are two ways to edit a movie set. The first is to select a set from the Sets node Video library -> Sets or select the set in other views when "Group movies in sets" is enabled.

3.3 Editing sets from the individual movie

The second way to edit a set is to select the movie anywhere in a library view where the individual movie can be selected.

4 Manually organizing movie sets with NFO files

Like all metadata for movies in the library, you can define sets using NFO files, which can be customized by you and will take priority over online scraper data. See the above links for more info about how to edit these NFO files and the specific movie sets tags.

5 Renaming sets

To rename an existing set, select the movie set in Kodi, bring up the context menu, select Manage, and then select Edit title.

6 Changing artwork for a set

To change the artwork used to represent your movie set, select the set in Kodi, bring up the context menu, select Manage, and then select Choose art.

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