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So, you think you've found a bug and not sure how to report it?

Kodi accepts bug reports on both the Kodi Forum and Github Issue reports

Check for existing reports

Duplicate bug reports only clutter the communications channels with the developers. Before posting your bug report, it is important to ensure that you have not been beaten to it.

If you find a forum thread or a Github issue report, please read through it. It may provide a solution to the issue, if not then add any new information that you can provide to describe the issue.

Reporting a bug

Once you have confirmed there are no other similar reports, it is time to open a dialog with the community.

Where to report the issue:


If you are uncertain whether it is a bug - maybe it is a problem with your music or video file, maybe a problem with your hardware, or you simply don't know if it is normal behaviour - then start on the Kodi Forum.

Please provide the supporting evidence described below.


For the more experienced user and if you are absolutely certain it is a bug then report the issue on our Github Tracker.

If you report here, you are required to fill in the template. If you choose to ignore the template, or delete it, then your report will be closed. Ensure you follow the template.

Please provide the supporting evidence described below.

Do not use Github for support, or disguising a support request as a bug. These will be immediately closed and ignored. Use the forum for support.

Supporting evidence

Regardless of where you post your report, if you expect someone to take interest in it, they will expect details from you. Don't forget, we're doing this in our free time, too!

Post as much details as you can upfront. It becomes very frustrating when we are drip-fed information.

Information we need:

  • Clearly describe your setup including hardware, operating system, connections etc.
  • Clearly describe the problem.
  • Clearly outline the steps to replicate the problem.
  • Provide supporting evidence, such as:
    • A debug log that captures the problem. Don't paste logs directly into the forum post or github report. Use Kodi Paste to submit logs and provide the link.
    • If the problem is visible on screen, then provide screenshots so we can clearly see the problem
    • If you have the time, a short video can also be very helpful.
    • If it is an issue with a particular type of file, then a sample of the file will be helpful also.

We need as much information as possible, so we can reliably replicate the issue you are experiencing.

Not a bug

Not every problem you experience will be classified as a bug. Some reasons why...

  • Your hardware is too old, or may be a very cheap Android box with a hacked Android OS
  • You are using an old version of Kodi. Only the current stable release and the current master development branch are supported.
  • What you are experiencing is intended behaviour.

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